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At LaVeer Jovel & Associates, we work with our clients to determine the best course of action for their organization. We help clients to determine and clarify their needs, which may include:



LaVeer Jovel and Associates is committed to creating organizational environments that welcome and include everyone while diminishing and excluding no one. It is our goal to create organizational climates where everyone is treated with respect and dignity and where everyone has the opportunity to thrive as healthy, resilient and productive employees. Today’s pluralistic organizations offer us an opportunity to effect positive change in organizations by understanding the following principles:

  • Diversity is an inside job, which means that diversity is not about them but is about each individual coming to terms with his or her attitude.
  • No one is the target of blame for current inequities, but all of us are responsible for removing them. 
  •  Diversity goes beyond race and gender. People are more likely to trust and find comfort in people who are more like themselves.
  •  People resist change, which makes the constant adaptation required by diversity difficult.