Since I was a young girl I knew that my mission in life was to spread love. I cannot take this journey on my own I need all like-minded people who care about the world to join me. Together we can make a POWERFUL POSITIVE difference in the world by consciously choosing to love all human beings on the planet, even those that are wounded and frightened and do acts that are violent and destructive. We must recognize the truth, which is that many individuals are coming from a place a fear. Love and fear are opposites and cannot exist at the same time. Addressing their fear with hate and violence won’t alleviate their fears it just enhances it.

If you were attracted to this blog you know that only love conquers fear.

I am a woman who like you plays many roles. I am a business owner who is also an award-winning, certified public speaker, executive and life coach, producer of custom training videos and a Reiki Master. I’ve been in business for over 9 years and facilitate a range of topics on leadership, communication, human resources and various other soft skill topics.

My audience, friends and family have been encouraging me to become more active online and I have been very resistant. Yesterday I received a clear message that now is the time for me to raise my voice and start a movement to replace fear with love. Fortunately I have a platform and I incorporate love into my message no matter what my topic is, and have found people are very receptive. This should come as no surprise. We all really want and need the same thing –LOVE. I am ready to take my message to the masses.

Somehow the main messages that we receive in our society are based in fear. Sadly, saying the word love for some, especially in the workplace is like a four letter curse word!!! The fact is we don’t need love only at home and in our places of worship, we need love everywhere. People spend most of their waking hours during the week where??? That’s right at work. We can’t expect people to act like robots at work or anyplace else, we are human beings. We all need and desire love.

Imagine, what the world would look like if people consciously extended love to all. I think part of the problem is that in the English language we have this one word that we use a lot. We say we love our family, we love God, we love a romantic partner, we also say we love a house, how about those shoes that we love!!! We use the same word, yet this is not true in other languages, which use different words to describe how they feel about different people, God, and things.

So let’s get clear about what I mean. We can show love to all people by being kind, respectful, caring and compassionate. Let’s not forget the other creatures we share the planet with, we need to love them too.

As you know, there is a movement to increase fear and hate. We can only prevent this movement from spreading by starting a movement of love. So get on the Love Train. This is not a journey I am interested in taking alone, as I mentioned I need you.   I need your voice, your intention and commitment to extend love to all.

Emotions are contagious! Love is contagious!!! Let’s spread Love!!!

I have found that we have nothing to lose by loving. Love not only benefits the other person, but it benefits us as well. Loving makes us feel good. I love feeling good.

For the next 21 days please post what you have done daily to extend love. Of course, we want to continue loving our family and friends, understand that this movement is about extending love to strangers and those that may seem difficult to love. For instance, I was at the drive through at a Chik Fil A, the driver ahead of me paid for my meal, of course I paid for the car behind me. How long did this go on, unfortunately I don’t know, but what a wonderful way to start the day.

Let’s do so many acts of love that the world takes notice!

I look forward to you sharing how you are spreading love!!!